The 2018 Condominium Bluebook for California In its 30th year of publication, the Condominium Bluebook for California is a comprehensive guide to the Davis-Stirling Act, renumbered and revised, and all the relevant laws that govern condominiums and planned developments. This over 500 page resource is a road map to the legal side of common ownership and being an informed member of a homeowner association in California today.

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Top Reasons to Buy

1. Fully Revised

Featuring all the relevant laws taking effect on 1/1/2018, including the renumbering and amending of the Davis-Stirling Act, as well as new and improved index and cross-reference charts.

2. Convenient

Containing all of the most relevant laws regulating owners’ associations in California in one concise, convenient handbook that easily fits into a briefcase or purse.

3. Thorough

Containing selected statutes from eight different California codes, and relevant provisions of the “Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law” all in one place.

4. Up to Date

Updated annually to include new California case law and statutory updates in easy-to-find bold italicized text.

5. Easy to Use

Concise, easy-to-read explanation of virtually every aspect of common ownership and association operations, in a user-friendly format.

6. Broad Scope

Most of the content is equally applicable to condominiums, planned developments (townhomes), lofts, stock cooperatives and community apartments.

7. Summaries

It summarizes the most significant and relevant decisions of the California Supreme Court and California Courts of Appeal over the past 40 years.

8. Valuable Extras

Including forms, checklists, parliamentary procedures, model election rules, and more.

9. Digital

Available as a quality paperback and as e-Book downloadable to your computer or other mobile electronic device via the Kindle App.
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Written in a clear and concise manner by an expert on condominium law, this unique and valuable “homeowner’s bible” covers the statutory laws, case law and procedures that govern how common interest developments operate in California.

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More than 200,000 copies sold

The 2018 Condominium Bluebook represents the 30th Edition of the Condominium Bluebook series.  Homeowners have relied on this resource book and buy a new copy every year to stay current.

Simple: The Bluebook is concise, easy to read, and easy to use

This handy reference is meant to be taken to every member and board meeting – it’s like having an attorney in your back pocket.

Complete: Covers nearly every aspect of HOA law with an expert analysis

Mr. Bickel has developed a thorough and clearly written guide to every aspect of HOA law which makes the Condominium Bluebook a uniquely valuable resource. Every new or amended code section is highlighted in bold italics for ease of reference.

Extras: Includes forms, parliamentary procedures, and other tools

From over 35 years of advising homeowners association and serving as a mediator, Mr. Bickel has created checklists and forms that every association will find useful.  Also included in the 2017 edition are model election rules that conform to the newly renumbered and revised Davis-Stirling Act and a handy Conversion Table.

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